Thứ Ba, 20 tháng 12, 2016

Tips for Gold in Zombie Tsunami (Part 5)

Building systems towards gold farming skills
In the game’s skill system with skills related to the search of gold as Gold Bonus, Car Coin, Coin Bomb. These are skills support for super expensive gold.
Gold Bonus: when you pick up this bonus, your zombie herd will turn into zombies yellow and obstacles along the way will be turned into gold, including tanks, aircraft no exception, rallied more then the survival time of increasing bonus.
Coin Car: Permanently increase the metabolic rate of the yellow car, heighten the rate increasing
Coin Bomb: Permanently increase the metabolic rate of the car bomb into gold, increasing the proportion of high-rise
So, if you intend to earn as much gold in the Zombie Tsunami, have the increased skill in this direction right from the start. In the skill tree has several branches, select a branch so that the ratio of 3 appeared on the most skill.
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