Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 2, 2017

“Lagoon Islands” all tasks in the game Zombie Tsunami

Mission system is the most unique feature and one of the fastest ways to make gold in the game Zombie Tsunami by 03 when done every task you will create the vial is likely to increasingly terrible gold. These tasks are relatively easy to do, just a little perseverance mulled these tips to perform the tasks in the game zombie tsunami that thanhgame instructions below, you may be “clearing”, reached “a higher realm in the game.
The contents of the tasks in the game has many parts, and involves a number of elements such as gold game, collect brains, lottery tickets, skill .vv.O this tutorial, we are not going in the direction from A to Z that goes towards collecting the related tasks together. Such as “Eat meat 10, 20, 30”, “Collecting 100, 200, 300 gold” …, you can easily look up how to do the task when faced difficult situation and can not overcome.
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Thứ Sáu, 17 tháng 2, 2017

How to upgrade the power Zombie Tsunami (Part 2)

Dragon (Dragon): Dan zombies will turn into one dragon capable of flying high in the air and long hold
Giant (Giant): Dan zombies will turn into a monster emitting laser capable of destroying everything on the way. Of course, except … hole.
Quarterback (baseball player): Dan zombies will turn into the baseball player is very aggressive with ability can nawg tone is anything else on the road without losing troops. The more you raise the level of skill survival time longer.
UFO: UFO every 5 seconds you will create 01 new zombies. Kill is quite rugged so do not rise to recommendations from the cost of gold.
Ballon (bubble): herd of zombies will turn into the sky balloons. The only advantage of this skill is probably immune to … the pool, while the hole is “death pit” with other spells.
Coin Car, Coin Bobm: the skill capable of transforming a car bomb and gold every time you touch the zombies. This is really useful to kill golden plow in the game zombie tsunami.
These skills are on the basis of its own strengths and weaknesses, each individual skill are helpful but taken together is increased skill quickly completed the task threads. You have the flexibility to increase the skill you like, but to save money, do not rise to the skill UFO, Ballon. These skills are not really helpful and very rugged. Best to increase only 1 point each to complete related tasks.
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Thứ Hai, 13 tháng 2, 2017

How to upgrade the power Zombie Tsunami (Part 1)

After the mission system, the system is a special skill in the game 2nd. You must have a lot of gold to upgrade the power of their zombie herd, has been upgraded, zombie herd will become more powerful and become immune to the pitfalls along the way, such as bombs, cars, airplanes to help complete the task extremely well. The outbreak will kill at random if you encounter along the way, “Bonus”. Now let’s watch the game’s skill system has nothing hot.
Ninja: male ninja zombies will turn into the battle-with the ability to slash extreme, the maximum can be upgraded guillotine buses, airplanes dangerous bombs. Additionally, if you click 2 times the Ninja will jump higher and longer, which helps knit zombies from falling off into the pits in some emergencies.
Tsunami (Tsunami): Dan Zombie Tsunami slide on tsunami washed away and destroyed everything along the way. As upgraded high time the existence of increasingly longer kill. You just click repeatedly and sat high above wave count the gold and the zombie on the increase.
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Thứ Tư, 8 tháng 2, 2017

Zombie Tsunami: Some tips to start playing

– At the new game, do not buy anything in the market area of the game, except when a task that requires
– Once obtained 100 brains of people (who eat the automatic 1 1 human brain). Select “Change lottery tickets” instead of “Buy” for money.
– Let’s focus on completing the task (by 300 mission system is the backbone of the game Zombie Stunami) by completing 3 for every task that you’ve earned some pretty big gold, as the later the gold award will increase. Do not ramble on about plowing “brain” to change lottery tickets.
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Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 2, 2017

How to play the basic Zombie Tsunami game

– Short Jump: click the on-screen 1
– Long Jump: click and hold on the screen
– At first you will be one zombie with a mission to eat human flesh caught on the road. These people will also be eaten as you turn into a zombie and become a member of the board. Of course, you will control the number of members to complete a certain task.
– Collect as much gold as you can along the way to upgrade the power of zombie herd, buy some necessary items required tasks in the game market (market area)
– On the way, not only with people but also with gold or bombs, cars, airplanes, and the pit … maybe dying would make your zombie herd. You will lose and play again from scratch if your Zombie Tsunami herd died off.
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