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“Lagoon Islands” all tasks in the game Zombie Tsunami

Mission system is the most unique feature and one of the fastest ways to make gold in the game Zombie Tsunami by 03 when done every task you will create the vial is likely to increasingly terrible gold. These tasks are relatively easy to do, just a little perseverance mulled these tips to perform the tasks in the game zombie tsunami that thanhgame instructions below, you may be “clearing”, reached “a higher realm in the game.
The contents of the tasks in the game has many parts, and involves a number of elements such as gold game, collect brains, lottery tickets, skill .vv.O this tutorial, we are not going in the direction from A to Z that goes towards collecting the related tasks together. Such as “Eat meat 10, 20, 30”, “Collecting 100, 200, 300 gold” …, you can easily look up how to do the task when faced difficult situation and can not overcome.
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