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How to upgrade the power Zombie Tsunami (Part 1)

After the mission system, the system is a special skill in the game 2nd. You must have a lot of gold to upgrade the power of their zombie herd, has been upgraded, zombie herd will become more powerful and become immune to the pitfalls along the way, such as bombs, cars, airplanes to help complete the task extremely well. The outbreak will kill at random if you encounter along the way, “Bonus”. Now let’s watch the game’s skill system has nothing hot.
Ninja: male ninja zombies will turn into the battle-with the ability to slash extreme, the maximum can be upgraded guillotine buses, airplanes dangerous bombs. Additionally, if you click 2 times the Ninja will jump higher and longer, which helps knit zombies from falling off into the pits in some emergencies.
Tsunami (Tsunami): Dan Zombie Tsunami slide on tsunami washed away and destroyed everything along the way. As upgraded high time the existence of increasingly longer kill. You just click repeatedly and sat high above wave count the gold and the zombie on the increase.
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