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Mission related to zombie eating people

– Eat meat on 15, 40, 90, 100, 666 people on the go: Simply kill all survivors on the way,
– Eat 10 brains when there are no more than 5 zombies in the zombies. When the zombies are less than 5, the new brain is counted, and over 5, try bombs or planes and cars running. Fall below 5 and eat the next brain.
– Eat 20 brains when there are no more than 8 zombies in the zoo: same task
– The number of members in the zombie tsunami group achieved 8, 12, 25, 30 children: This task is quite easy at the 8th, 12th but to the 25th and 30th level is really difficult. To complete the task requires a little luck. First try to eat as many people as possible, including carts on cars or buses, tanks if there are enough people in the crew. Also if there is gold then go to the market to buy +10 Seconds Bonus, Coin Car, Coin Bomb and start the game.
Spare The First 3 pedestrains: Do not eat the first three players in the game, jump over their heads.
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