Thứ Hai, 28 tháng 11, 2016

Zombie Tsunami: Eat a secret box for improved strength

Running mystery box always contains the upgrade items Zombie. If you eat the box there, players can become a beast with laser guns, destroying everything on the road, or a baseball player to prevent all obstacles. Become Super Zombie will help players collect as many items, and cleared the way without losing any of the zombie does. Zombie Tsunami apk
Above are a few tips that players can win high score in Zombie Tsunami. We hope that with all the above tips will help every hands gamers add their rich experience to complete the tasks that number still powerful Zombie.
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Thứ Sáu, 25 tháng 11, 2016

Zombie Tsunami: Ingenious controls, keeping force

Your Zombie army will initially have little, so do not be too belligerent, overthrow the car, instead one should pass the planes or motorcycles. Car overthrow need lots troops. If any backsliding on car wreck and floating can not prevent them, each hand players will be losing Zombie and losers. Zombie Tsunami apk
Zombie Tsunami
Because after eating some people, the number of zombies will increase, control is difficult. On the track, outside the barrier will also have the distance between the blocks. Without controls Zombie army jump through, equivalent to the number of troops will be withdrawn. However, players can not jump whenever you want. Let’s jump when strictly necessary to ensure the quality for Zombie.
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Thứ Ba, 15 tháng 11, 2016

Zombie Tsunami: predators those traveling

Mighty army of zombies with how depends on the player. Do not eat those sitting in the car, that go towards those who roam the street calling for help. The player is easy to eat and easy to add to his army of zombies. Zombie Tsunami apk
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Thứ Năm, 10 tháng 11, 2016

Zombie Tsunami: Collect all the coins

Gold coins is always a treasure of the game. The more you earn gold coins, the energy of the zombie will rise. Along the way, the obstacle is no end, and the game was made available to each player warning should try to overcome obstacles wisely, collect all the gold coins. If you collect all gold coins the same area, the players will be more points. Zombie Tsunami apk
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Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 11, 2016

Guidance scored well in Zombie Tasunami (Part 1)

Always pay attention to the warnings
Players will master a Zombie, running in the city overcome the obstacles. The game was set up to alert you obstructions such as the car in front, cracks in the road, or the bomb. Touch one, the player loses a soldierZombie Tsunami. This is quite different from the gamut Endless Run like Temple Run, Sonic Dash. Players will be warned thorough obstacles along the way. So you do not ignore any notifications.
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Chủ Nhật, 6 tháng 11, 2016

The task group of Zombie Tsunami

Collect gold coins, eat people and tasks related to the period.
Car flip, jump, die, butting heads and other control tasks.
Upgrading skills and the tasks related to other auxiliary packages.
Lottery tickets, the online store for the tasks related to the hat.
Ground, basement and the tasks related to special places. Zombie Tsunami apk
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Thứ Năm, 3 tháng 11, 2016

Zombie Tsunami tricks – Part 1

Zombie Tsunami Endless Runner series of simple and easy to play, even children can play well this game. However, in between the monitors running endless quest chain is quite “Struggle”, and you have to scurry around do not know how many times to overcome. Therefore, the pocket a few tips that will help you overcome challenging levels hundreds of Zombie Tsunami – addictive zombie game on mobile and PC!
Zombie Tsunami apk of over 300 missions for players to overcome, including task interleaving easy task. From the main screen, click the item to view 3 Missions tasks that you need to overcome in the moment. In the example above, if completed all three tasks, you will fill Stomach Acid Cider bottle. Upon completion of each task in the listed 3, the task has been completed will disappear and be replaced by a new task.
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