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Tips for Gold in Zombie Tsunami (Part 1)

Playing a screen as long as possible
Once on duty bored, check your level by playing 1 game which hold out as long as possible. And of course, the more you play long in the first screen will have the opportunity to earn more gold and brain. Remember, obtained 100 brains you will be a lottery ticket for a chance to win gold and items as tasks in the game Zombie Tsunami apk
 To hold out long in a main game screen you necessarily need to have a herd of zombies biggest possible should be quick and fast as the later eye by a zombie herd will speed faster and faster … to dizziness, if both are dropped above the pit, you will fail. There is a little trick that should hold enough troops When just keep crashing into any vehicle that has people in it: if the Group has 4 concrete automobile, bus 8, the concrete, the concrete tank 12, 16 people, always on air whipped. Remember: Army to not worry about starving.
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