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Supporting in Zombie Tsunami game (Part 2)

Dragon: is kind of zombie “dragon”. Press and hold to fly higher, release, and then click Next to create the dragon dance. Dragon has composed many songs mostly, if hit by a bomb or a car, we would be lost each section from top to tail upwards. Keeping hovering dragon will help players overcome the ramp cracks or subsidence as well as staying away from other hazards.
Balloon: helps zombie floating in the air with the tap or tap and hold on the screen. Balloon flying zombies faster help, overcome the stretch of road subsidence and cracking or other obstacles – similar features complementary dragon above.
UFO: the single supplement to help maintain the game even zombies have died off (due to vehicles collided or bombs) or fall down holes, capable of copying zombies, help you preserve strength and continue the process run its never-ending.
There are also 2 other supporting:
Mecha: the robot saws it can slash the obstacles on the way.
RiderZ: Zombie Tsunami apk will drive the race, falling on the area have been driving, if upgraded to death the obstacles rolled the army of zombies that become invincible.
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